which mushrooms are best for mushroom soup

which mushrooms are best for mushroom soup

The 10 Best Types of Mushrooms for Soups, Stir-Fries and More

“Mushrooms are my life.” Ree Drummond has been known to admit that on occasion—and, well, can you blame her? The edible fungi are incredibly delicious, and what’s more, they’re one of the most versatile ingredients around! They can star in both chicken dinners and pasta recipes, add a meaty richness to all your favorite family meal ideas, and even liven up your favorite Southern comfort food recipes. Here, we’re sharing information on all of the different types of mushrooms out there, including notes on where to find them, how to identify them, and how to use them. After all, every mushroom recipe requires something a little different!

Whether you’re partial to the more mild varieties (button mushrooms for the win!) or want to try something a little more exciting like a chanterelle mushroom or an oyster mushroom, there’s something on our list for just about every person and palette. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, hang out a little longer in the mushroom section and try a new variety. Just be sure to never eat mushrooms you find in the wild before properly identifying them—some can be dangerous if consumed. And make sure you know how to prep mushrooms for cooking, too: Just wipe off any visible dirt or debris with a damp paper towel, then go ahead and slice and cook them as directed!

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White Button Mushrooms

You’ll find these mushrooms at most grocery stores—they’re a great all-purpose pick. Button mushrooms have a very mild flavor, so they work well in most recipes. But in our opinion, they’re especially great for stuffing. Yum!


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Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitakes are native to East Asia and are full of rich, meaty flavor. Word to the wise: Be sure to remove the stems of these hefty mushrooms before cooking; they’re very fibrous and tough to eat.

types of mushrooms creminiERICA KASTNER/THE PIONEER WOMAN


Cremini Mushrooms

Fun fact: Cremini mushrooms are also known as baby bellas, and they’re actually just portobello mushrooms that haven’t grown to their full size yet. Who knew? They have a mild, savory flavor and are great in dishes like Chicken Marsala.

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Oyster Mushrooms

Calling all vegetarians! These white, mild-tasting mushrooms have a very meaty texture. They’re a great substitute for meat in stir-fries, tacos, and more.

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Chanterelle Mushrooms

You’ll most often find chanterelles in a pretty golden color, but there’s also a white-colored variety! You can usually buy these pretty mushrooms in specialty stores and farmer’s markets in the late summer and early fall.


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Porcini Mushrooms

Porcinis are commonly found dried, though you can also purchase them fresh. They add a ton of concentrated mushroom flavor to soups, stocks, and more. Just remember to soak them first to re-hydrate them—and be sure to save the flavorful liquid that results.

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